About Us

Curated Stories is an independent concept store located in Aberdeen, Scotland. We started out in 2009 with just three brands and have, slowly but surely, organically grown from there. We’re located on Claremont Street (number 54 to be exact), but as we also love interiors we've got our very own interior design studio too: Curated Stories Interiors.

We believe shopping should be fun, but it’s not much fun to walk through our doors knowing exactly what you’re going to find. Where’s the element of surprise? Or enjoyment of discovery? Hopefully when shopping with us, you will come across many new things and brands, as well as some of your absolute favourites. And for every new visit, we’ve hopefully had time to add something new and exciting things to our forever growing range.

2019 was a year of some minor, yet important, changes here at Curated Stories. As a much delayed spring clean, we decided to have a wee interior makeover at the end of the summer, while at the same time introducing a few new brands that are very close to our heart. Simplicity, Sustainability and Responsibility have since become some of our key words, and we are beyond excited about the future that lies ahead. 

Fun Facts: We don’t have a distribution centre for deliveries. We don’t even have a warehouse for stock. When your order drops through to our inbox we go “Yippee! Look, look! Someone’s bought something!” and then one of us will go collect your goodies from the shelves before we start wrapping them lovingly, ready for the Postie to pick up later in the day. Bare with us! Sometimes it gets a bit busy…

We’re a real shop; bricks, mortar and couple of windows to keep clean. We love seeing customers and with our online store we hope to get to know you through your emails and orders - and maybe even brighten your day by adding a hand written note to go with your order. You can even phone us if you like and we can talk you through what’s new in the shop this week! Isn’t that neat? No call centres, no automated messages. Just pure enthusiasm for good brands, products and design!

We don’t have a PR office either. We write all our social media posts ourselves, take all our pictures ourselves, write all the content ourselves. Because that’s the way we are. We want you to get to know us, recognise our style and kinda become part of our gang. And if the online store isn't enough, you can always find us on Instagram and Facebook.

So that’s us; as shortly and as sweetly as we can put it without putting hard covers on it. Shop with us, shop with an independent shopkeeper, go shop – we’re here for you! Check out our Contact page on how to get in touch XXX